Our Maine Coon kittens purchasable are 100% bound to be safe, secure, healthy and show no signs of infection at birth. We pride ourselves on not ending our relationship with you once you bring your kitten home. As a family of an experienced breeders and mentor, we would like to believe that the kittens are fine. However, the health of kittens depends on many factors like genetics, exercise, nutrition and general routine care, so it’s not always possible to regulate .

We believe Maine Coon kittens are irreplaceable due to their emotional attachment, but we believe that providing another kitten of an equivalent value can ease the pain of losing a kitten. . If an unexpected casualty occurs within one year of purchase, or if the cat’s health condition (within one year) adversely affects the cat’s health, we’ll exchange another cat like the one you had, hence, free value for you. Please email a replica of this health report if explanation for death must be proven using certified VET technology.

Above all, it’s a joy for us to understand that we bring such a lot joy to a home with babies. We are still providing health advice so your cat features a healthy time. Please send us a replica of your physical examination (medical record) within 10 days of receipt of the cat. The exam must be taken by an accredited VET. Kittens are given age-appropriate vaccines and don’t got to be re-vaccinated. we’ll vaccinate and vaccinate your kitten before shipping, so to stay your kitten healthy and conscious, continue with appropriate deworming and regular health checkups during a minimum of 16 weeks are expected (as recommended by TEV). ..

Exceptions to the present warranty Failure to supply veterinary treatment to your kitten on a daily basis will violate your health guarantee. insurance doesn’t cover the value of infertility, including testicular prolapse. All kittens should be thoroughly inspected before shipping. This check is completed by an accredited veterinarian who makes all of the cat’s veterinary health reports. This report demonstrates the health status of every cat for every disease of the circulatory system , skin, coat, eyes, mouth, teeth, gums, musculoskeletal, respiratory, ear, genital and alimentary canal diseases. . The cat’s health is guaranteed because this health certificate is filled in with the cat’s date of birth. This report confirms that no issues or concerns were noted by the veterinarian. additionally , if there’s a significant problem with the cat, the cat won’t be transported. Also, see a licensed veterinarian within 10 days of receiving the kitten. Thanks you for understanding and that we will like to hear more about the new fluffy partner you’re taking home.